How to Motivate Yourself for Studying

Introduction: How to Motivate Yourself for Studying

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Step 1: Introduction

often we face this problem during examz or when we sit for study...
its easy to focus and.
its really important to motivate ourselves...

Step 2: Find a Place

find a place where you can sit comfortably.
proper aeration is necessary.

Step 3: Set Your Schedule for Study

Stay Curious - Getting interested in the subject you are studying is agood way to start. It will be easier to deal with things if you are onlyinterested in the subject you are studying. You will be motivatednaturally to read and learn about it. To be able to develop interest,you need to adopt some attitude of curiosity. Set Your Schedule For Studying - Set a schedule when you willconduct your studying and make sure it set at the right time. You can5set it every day. Plan it in advance. Set the specific time for studyingand the time for relaxing or playing. In this way, you will not have tomiss the fun. It is good to use the future fun as motivation forstudying in the present.

Start/Stop At The Interesting Part - If you need to stop to takemeals, breaks or some other activities, you should plan it when youare at the easier part or fun part of a subject. Consider the parts whichare more enjoyable and interesting to you. In such a way, you will stayinterested and excited to carry on with studying.

Get Rid Of Distractions - This is obviously a very essential factorfor achieving study motivation. If you have your phone, computer,TV, bed, magazines or any other things close to you, you will easilyfind yourself into temptation, throwing the books aside. At least try toget rid of distractions as many as possible out of your sight.

Step 4: Say Affirmation

affirmation will help you a lot.
for study affirmation se my privious instructibles

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