How to Mount a Styrofoam Lawn Decoration, Halloween Tombstone




Introduction: How to Mount a Styrofoam Lawn Decoration, Halloween Tombstone

What you'll need:
Lawn decoration of sorts
aluminum flashing and suitable cutter
adhesive and/or staples gun
staples which aren't too long to go all the way through
thin strips of wood (a paint mixer stick may work for small signs, or they sell wood shims in hardware stores)
spray paint to match back of sign (optional)

1) Cut the aluminum to a suitable size to run across the back of your sign (maybe 3/4 the width of the sign)
2) Place wood strip on aluminum and fold around a bit to approximately take the shape of the wood (should be loose enough to slide wood out)
3) figure out placement of stick and aluminum
4) Place adhesive on aluminum and/or staples into place
5) Nail wood into ground and slide sign on



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    I got these nifty styrofoam tomb stones from the dollar store to put on my lawn. To keep them upright and to prevent them from blowing away, you might want to stake them into the ground. Here is my solution: