How to Open 9v Battery (come Aprire Una Batteria Da 9v)

Hi guy!This is my first simple tutorial, and I'll show you a simple way to open a 9v battery..
(ciao ragazzi questo e il mio primo semplice tutorial, e vi mostrero un modo semplice per aprire una batteria da 9v..)

Step 1: What You Need (occorrente)

the material..(il materiale)

Step 2: Let's Cut (tagliare)


Step 3: Open (aprire)

what are inside a 9v battery?6 little battery..
(che c'e dentro una batteria da 9v?6 piccole batterie..)



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Inside the battery that can pack a 1.5 V be 6 and how do be 6 and how do

    Thats a terrible way to open a 9v battery. Why not bend the metal tabs on the bottom out and push the casing off? That way there is no risk of cutting into a battery and spraying chemicals all over the place.

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    If you were to fold the metal tabs over on the battery, you could substitute them for a AA in a pinch, they wouldn't last as long but they will still work for more information, look up Kipkays instructable on a 9V battery hack. :) happy hacking


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    you could use the batteries for some low power project in place of a AAA because they are 1.5 V (nominal) each or if you need a battery smaller than a AAA.

    Here Here. It looks like the batteries took a bit of abuse in opening the case. A Leatherman or Gerber is all you need to get the bottom off. I would not recommend anyone opening a 9V like this.