How to Pick the Right Dog When Adopting!

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in this instructable i will be talking about how to pick your very own dog!This is my first ever instructable...hope you like it!

Step 1: Think of Mantinence

Now in this step you you have to think about mantinence.If you dont want to deal with hair and clean up...dont get a dog that sheds.
If you dont want to groom your dog ...again dont get a hairy dog.if you do want a big hairy dog and can stand the sheding,get somthing like a st. bernard.also,think of allergys when it comes to hair.If you want a medium size dog ,i suggest a japanese chin,they are playful and lots of fun!But if you dont nkow,i would go in the german shepard path.and if you get a puppy,exspect some work!

Step 2: $

Money.How much do you want to spend...if you get a big dog ,that means lots of food,which is lots of money.
Also,if you dont want to spend a lot of money,dont get the best breed.there are lots of breeds to choose from.
but ,nock your self out if have enough money!i bet theres a good dog in need localy,but ofciurse im always for saving strays,it make me so sad when i see a stray dog looking for some kind of food or water on the street:(.
if you want a husky (high dolla breed) and only have 250$,then go in the direction of a puppy!

Step 3: Picking

To pick out your dog,do research on different dog breeds.or if you go to the pound,if you look at a dog,and it makes you cry its so cute,get it!Pretty much all dogs are cute!If you feel its the right dog,get it!



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