How to Pimp Up Your Sony HI FI

Introduction: How to Pimp Up Your Sony HI FI

What you will need
green material
green thread
red material
red thread
sewing machine
sony mhc-1200 hi fi system
old lamp
2 small speakers in a case
all purpose glue
silver gauze
orange felt
white felt
metal saw
left and right audio cables
black thread silver material
hand needle
heavy duty tape

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Step 1:

Measure out each side except for the bottom draw them onto the green material but add 1 1/2cm onto each side for seem allowance.

Step 2:

Once you have cut them out pin the all together 1 1/2cm from the edge then sew them all together using green thread.

Step 3:

Place the case over the top of the speakers then mark with a pencil a circle around the speaker. Then draw another circle in the middle of the one you just drew with a diameter of 8cm. Then cut that out so you should end up with a hole with the diameter of 8cm. Fold over the edge 1 1/2cm and sew it. The diameter should now be 11cm.

Step 4:

Cut a band of red material 3cm wide and 53.5. then pin to edge of the circle make sure there is a over lap of 1 1/2cm the the extra 1 1/2cm on the width fold inside then sew it all together using red thread.

Step 5:

Turn the skin inside out. get some white felt and cut out little teeth pin them on the inside and sew them with red thread.

Step 6:

Mark a circle where the 2 small speakers are at the top and cut a hole around them. Get some gauze and cut 2 circles out them sew them down over the 2 small speakers I added a iris with orange felt and pupil with pen.

Step 7: Repeat

Repeat every step you have done so far for your other speaker.

Step 8:

Get some silver material and cut out 2 horn shapes then sew them together good sides together then turn it inside out. Fill it with micro beads and sew it up once you have done it repeat it 3 more times 1 for your first speaker and 2 for the other one.

Step 9:

Sew them on using a hand needle and black thread.

Step 10:

Need to drill a hole with a 3/8 drill bit in the middle of the top of the speakers.

Step 11:

Take your old lamp and get a metal saw and saw of the arm which bends then saw it in half then insert one half of the arm inside the hole you drilled. It should fit snugly but if it doesn't wriggle the drill about inside the hole. Then glue it in place. Keep the other half for the next speaker which you will have to do the same thing cut a small hole for the pole to go through on each speaker.

Step 12:

Get your 2 small speakers and left and right audio cables drill a hole using 3/8 drill bit in the bottom of the speaker case you should now be able place your speaker on top of the lamp arm.

Step 13:

If your audio wires coming out of the 2 small speakers are long you won't need the audio cables but if they aren't get your cables and heavy duty tape twist the 2 black wires to gather and tape them do the same for the red cables and the next small speaker.

Step 14:

Feed the wires through the lamp pole and use some pliers to pull the wires out the back.

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