How to Play Pirates Vs Alians





Introduction: How to Play Pirates Vs Alians

pirates vs alians is a difficult nerf/airsoft gun game

Step 1: Stuff Youll Need

1. atleast 1 friend
2. 2 nerf guns or airsoft guns and ammo
3. a brain
4. one foam sword

Step 2: Rules

one person is the pirate
he has 3 shots in his gun and the sword.
one person is the alien
he has as much ammo as possible.
the pirate takes 2 shots 2 kill, and the alien takes 1.



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    There space people sometimes with plasma blasters and are too happy to show us how there weapons work

    why not cyma guns??? i have cyma ak-47 cm 050 and i cannot see anything bad... some things could be better, but gearbox and other stuff is good... pls send me answer...

    I figured that much, but if you're going to make an instructable about it then you should at least include that...

    sorry, but the pics look bad, and did you mean aliEns?
    sorry if i was bad, but the pics are so tiny..... it is bad to see.

    The rules seem a little messy, and in terms of power distribution (human versus alien abilities/health) very uneven. The human has too much of an advantage over the aliens. Why not have each player of each race have 10 points of health. Each weapon does 1 point of damage per "shot (if using the gun), or strike if using the sword. Weapons would be accessible to both races.

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    in my opinion, swords take 2-3 damage and shots take 1, the pirate has 1 sword and 1 6-shooter, the alien has 2 6-shooters, both have 10 health.

    I like multiples of 10, easy numbers to work with. From there, 10 because it isn't insanely high or low.

    Because it would just because Team slayer, This is saying, pirates have more health, low ammo, aliens have high ammo, low health Balanced

    In the sense of? He and I are clearly defining the rules; It's really quite simple

    The formatting morso, now that I look back at it. Now that I've taken a long hard break from looking at that, it kinda does make a lot more sense, though some tweaking could make the game better.