How to Play the "Y" Game


Introduction: How to Play the "Y" Game

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ok now this game is really basically to annoy people..... how to play:
first some one says a statement like "i ate a pie today"
a other person says "why did you eat pie?"
and it continues on and on and on you get it right
it's really not a game but i think it is
have fun annoying peeps :):):)



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    I ate pie today

    I really don't have any idea what that domain is; I just know it's a live link to an Eliza implementation, and as I say in my response above a simple computer program that turned responses into questions seemed to fit. :)

    Eliza is one of the early attempts at a chat bot; it regurgitates your responses as questions. Seemed kind of appropriate for this 'ible.

    Why Did You Do This To Me. Why I Can't Stop Saying Why.