How to Powerclean




The reason for this instructable is to educate the public about the most important and complex lift out of all olympic lifts. In the following instructable we will be showing and explaining step by step the proper form for powerclean. This is to prevent injuries that are most common while performing the lift. It will also help to maintain flexibility and strengthen mainly the core, quads along with hamstrings and glutes.

Step 1: Start

Start: Muscles need to start off relatively tight, straighten out the back and make sure it is completely flat before you start, shoulders are above the bar, feet extended out all the way so that feet are hip width apart toes pointing out straightward, foot tips underneath the bar, Arms straight forward. The starting posture during powerclean is imperative to the success of the lift and must be given the most meticulous detail and attention. Be a perfectionist with posture and make sure posture is as perfect as can be before starting the process of lift.

Step 2: 1st Pull

No rising of the buttocks, this lift has to be 100% in the legs lifting up all of the weight. Knees move backwards as the legs extend in a straight vertical motion, back flat, again making sure that you maintain perfect posture throughout the entire motion and process, arms straight.

Step 3: 2nd Pull

step 3: explosive hip and knee extension so that legs can carry and lift the weight of the lift, full body extension shrug, arms remain straight, again posture and form must be stressed throughout the entire process always, reaching maximum velocity

Step 4: Drop

step 4: quick drop under the bar, your arms will have the bar directly under the chin, active arm pull, pull close to the body (do not swing the bar), the arms and the carrying of the bar must stay still at this moment, jump into squat, feet move above ground

Step 5: Receiving

step 5: immediately ground contact, a swift motion but do not just drop and lose control. Elbows up, fast, active break of the falling bar, feet shoulder width apart, stable squat position, shoulders tight

Step 6: Squat

Step 6: Bar moves behind the vertical line, stay still and remain in control, do not move the bar around the knees (1st pull) as this is important to maintaining form of the lift and staying in control, no bar swing during 2nd pull.

Step 7:



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    4 years ago

    Very nice. Always good to see people taking the time to show proper lifting