How to Preserve a Fish

Introduction: How to Preserve a Fish

1. Clean the fish well as soon as possible after catching it.

2. Remove all of the guts from the inside of the fish.

3. You can now prepare the fish as though you are about to eat it. If your fish is large, cut it into strips, and if your fish is small, freeze it whole.

4. To preserve your fish, you first want to make sure to wrap it so that it is airtight, which  will prevent freezer burn. This will also aid in reducing the changes of unwanted flavors, since bacteria from other things could cause flavors that are not natural to the fish.

5. Make sure your freezer temperature is at or below zero degrees Fahrenheit. This will make sure that the preserving process is not ruined by a mishap in temperature.

6. Date the fish as you freeze them so you know when they will no longer be safe to eat.

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