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in this instructable, you will (hopefully) learn how to put videos, music, and pictures on to your ds. once you get the hang of it, its actually quite simple. now... on with the learning!!

EDIT: for those of you who just need a converter, scroll down to the bottom and find the SUPER link (it's the name of the program)

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Step 1: Downloading Your Videos

have you ever wanted to download youtube videos so you can watch them any time you want without actually going to well, now you can. to put videos on your ds, all you have to do is get these things:

mozilla firefox
script for downloading youtube videos

now you are ready.

- go to youtube and find the video you want to download. click on it, and below the video playing screen should be a link that says DOWNLOAD (its there now because of the greasemonkey script)
- after downloading, save it as an .flv link and save it to your desktop or designated folder

you have now successfully downloaded a youtube video.

Step 2: Converting Your Videos

ok, now that you have your video(s) downloaded in .flv format, you have to download a few more things.

.net framework

after downloading all of these, this (batchdpg) is what allows you to convert your videos into .dpg format (video file for the ds). the other things (.net framework and avisynth) just allow everything to work. if you dont have all of these, you wont be able to convert. however, batchdpg will ONLY convert .wmv to .dpg, and because the youtube file is in .flv, you must download ANOTHER converter here. this converter converts flv to any file. really easy to use too.

after downloading all of these, its time to open up your flv converter. click ADD and choose the .flv file you want to convert. then go to the drop down menus and choose WINDOWS MEDIA VIDEO .wmv and the rest of the menus should change automatically. choose the destination to your desktop (just cuz its easy to find the file). you can change the other settings too, like the quality and stuff, but higher quality equals larger file. now click CONVERT.

it shouldnt take long, and after its done you should have a .wmv of your original youtube video. okay... we're almost done.

NOW convert your .wmv file to .dpg. open up batchdpg, and click on OPEN on the INPUT MEDIA FILE. leave the subtitle file. for OUTPUT, choose desktop for both temp and output. (the other stuff should change automatically). now click ADD, and then RUN. now wait for it to finish converting.

Step 3: Putting the Video File on Your Ds

now that you have your THREE video files of the same youtube video


open up your R4 folder and make a folder for your multimedia. just drag the .dpg video file into your folder in the R4 memory card and VOILA! now you have a video on your ds! now put the R4 card back into your ds, turn it on, find you video, and watch it! yay! now you dont have to buy that portable dvd player.

Step 4: Putting Music and Pictures on Your Ds

now, music is really easy compared to putting videos on your ds. all you have to do is choose the songs you want, and simply drag them into your R4 card. simple as can be.

for pictures, just do the same. save your picture as any picture file (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, etc.) and to my knowledge, they all SHOULD work. if they dont, just save it as another file type. .bmp works for sure.

now your ds can play videos, songs, and you can look at pictures, not to mention play lots of games on it! your ds is virtually the ultimate media player ever.

leave comments if you're having any problems!

Step 5: Problems and Concerns....

ok so since the link for the converter is down, i post another link. it's much better than the other one, and it's called SUPER, and it has many more file type compatibilities. it can also extract just the audio file, so if you just want the audio of the video then there would be a setting for that. you can also try straight conversion from .flv to .dpg using SUPER, because i think the newer versions can do that. give that a try, but you should know all the settings. google is your friend.

in addition, i'm aware that there are many ways of downloading youtube videos. there are many links that let you download youtube vids just by pasting the URL of the video and clicking download. it will then download the video in .flv format to your desktop. link is here.

if you just want to watch the videos, then might i suggest downloading the VLC media player. it is an awesome media player that supports many many different video formats, and it's completely free! light on system resources too. i have yet to encounter a video file that it won't play.

any other concerns, just let me know. and i'm very sorry for the late, late, VERY late reply and posting the new link. :)

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    Reply 4 years ago

    It really doesn't matter which version. They are almost identical in terms of functions.


    4 years ago

    similar article find out at here

    will this work with the newer DS its not a DSi please help and how do I get this on if it does work


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Actually it is not that complicated as this article said. At first, you need to get a flashcart, just buy r4i sdhc 3ds, then download the moonshell which can let you enjoy the multi-mdeia features. then put the firmware in the root of your sd card, then put your videos, ebooks, MP3 in the sd card as well.


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 1

    im not shure but a round christmas time ill tell you because im getting a new computer be cause the one i have right now is windows 98 thats as old as me. Also i hope you have good virus software just incase but most likely you wont. and that is my final answer now do i win a coooooooookie?


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 1

     Go to to download the vids and you wont get any viruses.


    8 years ago on Introduction

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    ALERT this will not work with the new Nintendo DSi! unless you buy a new memory cart compatible for the DSi this method is obsolete.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    its something like the games and music thing for the ds, its a ds cartridge sorta with a memory card that you can hook up to your computer and put stuff on. they used to sell them even at target..but no more...i have seen them on electronics websites and the people who make action replay(datel) i talked alot there


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    they never sold them at target, LIES! well at least i think so.. i had to buy mine from links off