How to Ride a Unicycle




learning how to ride the unicycle is a very frustrating process but whatever you do DONT GIVE UP. keep at it every day at any time you can. I taught my brother how to ride in just 1 week ,but if it takes you longer WHO CARES you may think its a waste of time but its not, learning how to ride the unicycle is one of the best things that ever happened to me it is my mode of transportation , entertainment and fun. I have been riding the unicycle for 6 years have taken a lot of painful falls but im telling you it is worth it to ride down the street on the unicycle and have people staring at you as they drive by and asking you how long it took you and and if they can have your autograph (okay the last one doesn't really happen but it could if you were good enough)

Step 1: Materials

  1. unicycle (it should be as tall as your belly button)
  2. a piece of chalk (to mark how far you go)

Step 2: Riding the Unicycle

Using a pole or anything else (post, person, alien, robot) get up on the unicycle there are many different ways to get up on the unicycle just find the right position that you want the pedals in and always get on that way. next you need to start riding away from the starting point as far as you can don't try to lean against anything that will just make the learning process harder and longer. once you got as far as you could mark how far you went with the chalk. repeat over and over until you can go forever on the unicycle (make sure to only mark your high scores)

next you need to learn how to turn to learn turn just simply start at the post ride then try to make a u turn repeat until mastered



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