How to Save the Planet and Money

Introduction: How to Save the Planet and Money

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(I would like to point out I was 10 years old when this instructable was made so I apologize for it's bad-ness)

this instructable will show you how to save money and the planet

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Step 1: Water Bottle Saving

here is a simple way to save money on water bottles if you have some laying around or just going to throw them away don't you can simply use a water filter to refill them and you wont have to buy more or a regular water bottle

Step 2: Save Electricity in Summer

you can shut the blinds not letting any sun in the house you can easily put the air conditioner on energy saver and turn the temperature up

Step 3: Light

you can also unplug things that have small lights that will save lots of electricity

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    4 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i agree with Mr.rig it you can use them over but i would not suggest using them over for more than a week after your done using it simply throw it in a recycle bin


    9 years ago on Introduction

    The plastics water bottles you are referring to cannot be recycled :( they are designed to be one-use only which is why people keep going back for more. The truth is all PET or PETE containers should not be reused as studies have found that they become porous and may begin to absorb bacteria and flavours or leach the heavy metal antimony back into the bottle... these are an eye, skin and lung irritant.. Any products made from polypropylene has been found to leach quarternary and ammonium biocides and oleamide. Very little is known of the harmful impact these chemicals may have on the human body. Another plastic polycarbonate which is used in sports bottles, baby bottles and coats the inside of time cans contains Bisphenol A (BPA) which is a known hormone disruptor. The safest thing anyone can do is avoid plastic bottles all together.

    Mr. Rig It
    Mr. Rig It

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I respectfully disagree with your analysis Zippybubbles. Actually you can recycle these bottles, all types of plastic are recyclable, some types of plastic are just harder to recycle than others which is why they have different grades of plastic recycling codes. Studies have shown? What studies? If you heat your water in a plastic bottle in the microwave that may release chemicals into the water, then the water might not be as safe to drink. Chemicals won't leech into the water like you are saying if you recycle them. You can also refill them several times like the author states and use them over and over without worry of harm.