How to Single a Recon




Introduction: How to Single a Recon

About: i like to mod nerf guns YaY

this instructable is my idea some will make it different this is how i make it. Also it only shoots stefans or cut down streamlines. I only did this because i was bored and saw a nerf recon.


recon (duu)
cpvc end cap
cpvc T
pvc cement
purple primer

Step 1:

now take everything out of your recon you only need these peices

Step 2: Shell Modifications

were to cut the shell.

Step 3: Assembully

pics explain everything

now put everything back in how it was

Step 4: You Are Done

now it is done and awesome may i suggust EPIC RECON!!!!!!!




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    18 Discussions

    Please make an updated picture of the internals!!! This does nothing whatsoever without them!!!!

    Impressive mod! Since I am ever disappointed with my recon (even modded) I will probably try this mod!

    You put the bolt on the wrong side unless you're left handed.

    To make them shoot farther and faster, of course. That voids any warranty, of course, but they're not too impressive straight out of the box.

    lol i love the way you just use tags for every thing. XD

    it does a little but it only uses stefans. I like the sniper rifle feel though.

    nice idea but does this increase range
    because doesnt this decrese rate of fire

    Well about 60-70 ft but with the OMW you will be achiveing. Much better ranges than me i didnt get that kit cause im running low on cash. Good luck send me a pic on my oarnge boared

    well i said to put the end cap on the handle i just forgot it in that picture. But as you can see in the last and 1st picture it is there if you have any more questions feel free to ask. :)