How to Stop Squeeking Door Hinges


Introduction: How to Stop Squeeking Door Hinges

this instructable is about how to stop those annoying door hinges from squeeking(for temporary use)

Step 1: Step 1 Things You'll Need

things you'll need-pam-an old rag u don't particularly care about

Step 2: Step 2 Spray the Door Hinges

i like to spray the inside as the following pic shows but usually that does the trick but if t still squeeks try spraying the out side of the hinges

sry that the things not in focus i couldnt do it with 1 hand

Step 3: Step 3 Wiping It Down

now the last step just wipe the grease from the door and hinges. note; there will be some old black grease stuff, wipe that off as well



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    Yeah, I don't see why you wouldn't just use some WD40

    You want some kind of machine oil (not WD40, or vegetable oil). 20W40? L

    Pam's soybean-based oil probably will not be a good long-term solution and can go rancid.

    IMHO, you would be better off getting a proper mineral-based lube for a permanent solution to a squeeking hinge. I usually use Tri-flow, the mineral- and Teflon-based lube I use on my bike chain.

    3 replies

    Mentioning that product has been known to cause flamewars! <grin> Is it really a lube, or is it something else? <rhetorical><br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="">History of WD-40</a><br/><br/>

    Needs a little editing (such as removing the duplicate "step 1"), and can you change the font back to normal? The "typed" stuff shoots right off the side of my screen.