How to Survive an I Am Legend Scenario the Right Way




Introduction: How to Survive an I Am Legend Scenario the Right Way

lets be honest. will smith did a good job in the movie, but his character lacked common sense. hopefully, this instructable should help you if you ever find yourself in his position.

Step 1: Materials

military vehicles: there should be plenty of humvees and tanks left in the city from the
former military presence. don't take the Robert Neville approach, and
take a crappy station wagon.

sports cars: leave the ford mustang. its not worth the repairs you will need to make,
especially when it breaks down miles from the shop. take a ferrari

guns: a sniper rifle does have its advanteges, but a rocket launcher works much better
for large groups. also, dont only take one grenade.

food: forget the food in stores, it will probably go bad in a couple of months. there are
probably plenty of military foods with a shelf life of about 30 years.

computer: dont use a macintosh.

Step 2: Food

for food, dont just go around to random houses and take their food. even if they are ether dead or infected, it is still stealing. also, you dont know how long that food has been there. for all you know, it could be years past its expiration date. usually, tanks carry excessive MREs for the crews, so of course, with the former massive military presence, there should be plenty of extra food.

Step 3: Keeping Yourself Sane

if you are going to try to keep yourself saner in this post apocalyptic world, dont surround yourself with dressing store mannequins. it will just add to the image of insanity.

Step 4: DONT TRUST FRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you feel the absolute need to have mannequin companionship, dont trust fred when he moves across the city. he is definitely working with the infected to kill you. look how well it worked for will smith.

Step 5: Home Defense:

this is one of the few points in the movie he did somewhat well on.  rigging the cars outside to blow was a good idea.  to better protect yourself, though, i would also have a very high electric fence.  the infected are still alive, no matter how much they seem like dawn of the dead zombies, so a good sized electric fence should keep them out.  or a high voltage electtric moat.

Step 6: Dont Steal the Alpha Males Mate.

will smith did this to find a new test subject. long story short, the alpha male got ticked when he realized he lost his woman, and neville ended up getting blown up for it.

Step 7: Read the Book.

if you are in this kind of situation, it might be a good idea to read Richard Matheson's book. it is basically an instruction manual on what not to do. it might also give you some helpful ideas.

Step 8: Go to Vermont.

follow the idea to go to vermont much earlier. it is nice up there, and full f people who are not half braindead zombie-like creatures. (no offense to the half braindead zombie-like crteatures who are sitting behind their computers all day. get out of your room and do something.)

Step 9: More to Come Soon.

this is only the beginning of the instructable. there will be more as soon as i think of more ways to keep yourself alive for more than 3 years after the collapse of humanity.



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    29 Discussions

    This is hysterical and made me laugh. All great ideas and comments. The only thing (other than what others have already mentioned) is that if you go in people's houses to take the food you WILL know how old it is because cans have expiration dates on them. Even though the date might be expired, depending upon how old, you can still eat some food (not soup). Figuring I might be starving, I might chance eating the food from an expired can.

    The movie lost me when he is standing next to a jet and doesn't jump in it. Why didn't he just fly himself the hell outta there? We all know he is as an ace pilot, remember independence day?

    3 replies

    the jets on that aircraft carrier were obviously decomissioned (there were velvet ropes)

    He didnt fly the jet because it was decmoishiond,had no fuel, engine and such were removed, and was on a decomissioned ship. ps. if the plane was newer and not deccomishiond and he flew away it would ruin the movie because it would be mabey 10 minutes long showing will smith jumping into a jet and flying off into the sunset :)

    The MREs are a good idea.

    Electric moat or fence will not work without power. In real life, there would be NO power.

    I think the real moral behind the movie is that Macs don't get viruses. Also, in step 2 you say that taking food from empty houses is considered stealing, but you don't worry about taking a tank or Humvee that's left behind?

    8 replies

    If you really want to be picky... those tanks and humvees are paid with tax payer's dollars... and you pay taxes... so in theory... you already own the tank and Humvee... and personall... I would take something a little more fuel efficient, you are in a decaying city, with no way of getting more gas.  I would suggest an old steam boat... in a nice lake, or calm ocean area.... and live on that... as long as you don't pick up anyone... you are fine

    Wait... Mac's don't get viruses??<a href="">?</a><br /> <br /> If you look closely at their advertisements they say they don't get <em>PC</em> Viruses, which only means that the viruses for Mac are different than the ones for PC... (Microsoft could just as easily say that PCs don't get Mac viruses...)<br /> <br />

    Well, actually, since your tax dollars paid for those humvees and tanks, you technically do own a portion of them, so its really not stealing. But you didn't buy that food in apartment 2D, so that is stealing.

    yeah, but you also said to jack a ferrari. If you are the only person in the city I'd say disregard the previous ownership that items may have had

    There, like, is no ownership man. It's all, like, all ours man. We're all one people, so it's, it's like you're steeling from yourself. But you could say "Hey man, can borrow that F14 for a while man?" Then you could say to yourself, "Yeah man, just remember to fill her up for me man." Yeah... On the not of "filling her up," gasoline has a very short shelf life if left unattended. Not to mention how much diesle armored calvary eat up, compared to how much diesle is held in the tanks. You've got only a few weeks supply at each station, if you're using it often. A better use could maybe be as short term emergency bunkers. Place a few shermans out in the city in case you can't make it home before night; things like that. Use them to store your heavier equipment away from home (so you don't need to bring ALL of your hunting gear to the hunting grounds) and still keep it safe. Using military rations is very VERY short term solution. Let me explain: -The outbreak happens in a city. -The armed forces tend to stay "self-relient," bringing the food they need, so they don't impose on the (most likely stretched) resources of the native inhabitants. -However, while the rations stay unspoiled for up to 30 years (you probably won't live that long in this situation anyway) they don't have a 30 year supply; only bringing food for about a week and bringing in extra supplies when needed. -You need to find a renuable food source. There have been wondrous things done with hydroponics and micro farming (with regards to research for the International Space Station) that can sustain you quite indefinitely. I highly recommend reading the book. I think Will Smith has something against great authors. First he ruins IRobot, which is an amazing series. That's right! Series, not book! There's more than one! Then he ruins I Am Legend. I hope he never gets wind of S.M. Sterling. On that note, I also recommend S.M. Sterling's "Dies the Fire." Simply amazing series.

    what would it matter if you stole anything? everyone is gone, the world is now your playground, no rules, no anything

    this is a great ible, i loved the dont trust fred part because it is so true, and if will smith had time to build all those car bombs and catch test subjects why couldnt he build an electric fence hes not stupid hes a scientist. great work

    i got a few questions and stuff.... where would u find a tank instead of crappy food u can eat twinkies! every body knows they can survive anything and how do u avoid taking the alpha males mate u dont see a ferrari everyday so why bother looking for one, how bout any car that runs fine and has a key in it, or if u can, hotwire any car

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    massive military presence.  he almost crashes the mustang into one in the beginning of the movie.

     HAHAHAHA what the heck.....the Ferrari and Humvee are Waay more unreliable than the Mustang, and I realize Mustangs can be unreliable.  Italian sportscars are some of the most unreliable in the world and the U.S. Army spends countless amounts of money maintaining Hummers (which are FAR from reliable) 

    I do like the Mac comment tho hahaha