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what do you do if you find yourself stranded on a desert island? well so you don't run around screaming like a headless chicken,shouting "I don't know what to do",follow these easy tips,and you'll make it to tomorrow.

If you want to prepare yourself before you go on holiday, should the unlikely scenario  happen, this instructable will show you the perfect survival kit, that isn't full of helpfull but unneeded items



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Step 1: First Things First

The whole idea of this kit is to be easily transported, and so it needs to be compact, waterproof/ airtight, and fairly strong. For this I recommend using an airtight food container, and/or one of those ice hot airtight boxes for food. About 2-3 boxes will do, and when put into a stong but not heavy backpack, you will have room for other items mentioned later. Another important item is water, take 1x2 litre bottle and 2x 500ml bottles, but don't fill them yet.

Step 2: List of Items

- 500ml bottle x2
- 2L bottle x2
- airtight boxes x3
- laser pointer x1
- multitool (must contain knifes,screwdriver,pliers,saw,keyring,file for lighting matches)
- waterproof pac-a-mac
- mosquito repellant
- cup(s)
- matches
- cling film
- field guides (fungi,trees,animals,plants,fish and shellfish,constellations (for telling the day/month)
- waterproof watch
- plenty of batteries for your gadgets
- long lasting food (mint imperials,marshmallows,cereal bars(have lots))
- heavy duty gloves
- emergency blanket and tent
- waterproof dynamo torch that can charge a phone
- durable medium backpack
- small medical pack (plasters, antiseptic, tape,bandages, wipes)
- mobile phone
- hammer
- small pan

If you think there is a lot, remember most of it goes in the food boxes
-tools in one box
-survival in another
-the last as an extra if you can't fit it all in

Step 3: Water

Water is necessary to live, so the reason i asked you to have all those bottles is simple, one of the 500ml is for you (feel free to put your initials on so you know), and the other is for a backup or if you find a survivor, so fill them both up. You will definetely need to get a fresh supply of water, so look at pictures to find out how, because it is dangerous to drink seawater.

You have probably realised by now that the 2L bottle leaves little or no room left, this is actually because it will be a small animal trap,which is also a fish trap if rocks are put in, this is how it works...(video)

Step 4: Fire

You have just come from the freezing sea or night is approaching,and you are getting cold, you need a fire, don't waste your time rubbing sticks together, use one of these methods:

1. Use one of your matchsticks(DUH)

2. Use a 100(or more)mw  laser as it shows you how to make in the video, but don't let it get wet!!

3. Get a dry piece of wood and a strong stick and roll between your palms onto the dry wood,and when it turns glowing orange, keep blowing hard

Step 5: Food

you have everything you need to cook, except food, so you go scrounging about until you find a nice bush filled with berries, you stuff your face, then puke your organs out...

to avoid that scenario, you should have your trusty field guides with you.depending in which island you are on depends on what you can find. on exotic islands,coconuts,small animals and fruit, and on others(excluding the Arctic) berries,mushrooms and mostly rodents. almost all islands will have fish. coconuts are fairly hard to open, but are easy with this method:

for brown coconuts:if the bast(shell) is still round it, break it with the hammer
                                   along the top of the hairy coconut,make a circle of hits
                                   take lid off and drink milk then eat the 'meat'(not real meat)
for green coconuts:make a triangle incision with the knife of the multitool in the coconut
                                   take out triangle and enjoy

fruit can be eaten raw or cooked, and meat and fish HAS to be cooked.

Step 6: Finish

after a hard working day, time to set up the tent, wrap yourself in the blanket and go to sleep.

so lets recap the order of what to do:

1. look for survivors
2. look for a shelter,or if you can't, a suitable place for your tent
3. look for food and set trap
4. start to make water
5. start fire
6. cook/eat
7. sleep

Step 7: THANX!!

here are a list of people who i have to *thank*for taking their media


                                                        Samuel C


        PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!                                                         *apologize to

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    thanx, i'm glad you understand that i just wanted to bring the information together in one instructable.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Have you ever tried any of this or was this just a musing more appropriate for for a personal blog? The amount of gear you are describing would be hard to put into a large pack, let a lone a medium size one. I suggest starting small on these survival instructables. Pick one or two small survival tasks, and PLEASE test these things personally. Adding lasers to a survival kit, or anything battery operated but a small light for that matter, screams couch potato.


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    you shouldnt really judge because you havent actually made an instructable yourself. NOW SUFFER THE SQUIRREL!!!

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    Scraping things off the internet doesn't count. You need to share with us something you did that's new and useful. Everyone has an Instructable in them, but it's not an internet-trawl.


    And PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! through Google Translate comes out as "Please acknowledge that I exist."

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