How to Turn Canned Soup Into a Filling Meal, Shrimp Veggie Mushroom Curry Soup

Introduction: How to Turn Canned Soup Into a Filling Meal, Shrimp Veggie Mushroom Curry Soup

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how to turn canned soup into a filling meal, shrimp veggie mushroom curry soup.

i love mushroom soup, its my all time favorite food. usually with crackers but those arent the healthiest thing, so in an effort to make a filling meal, and get more veggies in, i've started hacking my soup into a delicious meal

Step 1: Gather Supplies

first i assembled my ingredients, c ream of mushroom soup 2 cans and 1 can cream of chicken(or so i thought, ended up being chicken rice oh well)a bag of spinach, frozen oriental veggies and precooked shrimp and my spice rack

Step 2: Choppy

next i chopped the onions, cried a bit, then tossed them in my pot with a tiny bit of oil and water and garlic,green curry, a pinch of chili powder and a pinch of dill.

Step 3: Stir It Up

once the onions had cooked a bit( i was stirring occasionally but the water usually helps to avoid burning and i had it on med - high. i added the frozen veggies and continued stirring

Step 4: Leafy

i originally planned to add half the spinach, but realized it was starting to go bad so the
whole bag went in, you havta add it a bit at a time but it shrinks when it cooks

Step 5: Can Opener

unless you've got claws like wolverine or the shredder , time to get that can opener and dump the soup in and stir it all up. adjust the
soup to water ratio to your liking

Step 6: Shrimpy

time to add the precooked shrimp, just long enough to thaw it so its edible, if you leave it cooking too long the shrimp shrinks and gets tougher to chew.

Step 7: Enjoy!

now enjoy your classic comfort food with a crap load of veggies and a hint of spice !. this leads itself to numerous combinations, i've used beef pork and chicken before, added other veggies, celery, cabbage, peppers, omited the curry, added cheese etc

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