How to Turn Coverflow Off on Ipod Touch 4g

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Intro: How to Turn Coverflow Off on Ipod Touch 4g

i dont know if anyone wants to, or if anyone hasnt figured it out yet, but i have nothing else to do right now.

Step 1: Be Anywhere

you can be at any place on your ipod touch to do this. first you just double click the home button. a box will come up at the bottom of the screen (the multitasking screen) once it comes up, you swipe to the right will show a previous, pause/play, and next button.

Step 2: Click It,

once you are there, you push the icon beside the "previous" icon. it will show a lock, which means the screen orientation has been locked, therefore turning off coverflow.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I've always wondered how to turn coverflow off on an ipod touch 4g. nice!