How to Use a Mini Loom in 3 Different Ways

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hi i am going to teach you how to use a mini loom in 3 different ways

Step 1: First the Single Loop

twist a rubber band in a form of 8

Step 2:

add one more band (not in a form of eight!!! )

Step 3: Looooooping Time!

take the bottom band (the eight one) then loop it on top of the other band (do on both the sides)

Step 4: Continue

continue until you get the size of your wrist

Step 5: Done

put s or c clip and its done!!!!! yay

Step 6: 2. Fishtail

first twist a rubber band in a form of an eight

Step 7:

put two more bands not twisted

Step 8: Loop

take the bottom band and loop it on to the top (both the sides)

Step 9: Do It


Step 10: Done

add a c or s clip and its done!!!

Step 11: Last the Inverted Fishtail

it is like fishtail just do one loop then I will teach you the inverse part (but after the first loop add one more band)

Step 12: Inverse Part

first take the middle band at the last and pull the last band to the middle and loop the new middle band!!!!!!!!!!

Step 13:

after a few loops it will take the shape

Step 14: Finally

hook the c or s clip and enjoy!!!!



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    4 Discussions

    fun maker

    3 years ago

    Ummm i cannot understand the inverse part