How to Use a Old CFL for Energy Saving and a Good Tube Light




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hello this instructable on how to us old CFL for good lighting and energy saving
pleas vote for Me and do cooment and ignore my grammer mistake........

Step 1: Take a Old CFL

take a old CFL by this CFL you can run a tube light so if your CFL is good so don't try to do this or if your CFL is damage you can open it take it's machine. get out its machine

Step 2: Buy a Tube Light and Take It to Home

now you buy it take a cello tap and get the CFL machine and its wire to the power plug
and paste tube light to the wall and attach this machine
now you open the sweetch you can save 29%&% electricity thank you have fun

Step 3:



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    3 years ago

    thanks for suggestions


    3 years ago

    try to match tube lengths. for instance, don't run an 8 foot t12 tube off a 15 watt cfl driver. a bit bigger, and a bit longer is ok though.

    a 6 inch or even 2 foot t8 or t5 tube should be OK.