How to Use Old Phone to Build Home Internet of Things




With the rapid development of technology, and now the smartphone has entered every household, but which was eliminated old mobile phones and PHS is really nothing with it? I first got five old phone to upgrade your old phone use! Used to produce low-cost "family things", there is nothing better than this

Step 1: Sit and Think

Let us look at this stick figure phones, we can figure out which parts of it from dismantling. Screen? Greater use of difficulty. Battery? The fact that five of my old cell phone batteries are aging, packaged good, proper handling is the channel utilization. Keyboard? In fact, 12-key input device is not much use. Yes! ! We can not forget the basic functions of the phone is the phone, so one of the great communication modules are available!

Step 2: Prepare Materials

● 2 or 3 old mobile phones (I've got 5 phones)

● Screw change knife kit (with particular attention to: Many phones use the edge of the opposite sex within eight screws, ordinary knife is not open to change)

● small motors

● programmable preset radio control module (later you will understand its magical)

● an ordinary electronic watch

Step 3: Demolition Demolition Demolition!!!

No matter what tools you use, the method used, as long as the housing is open to all victories, PS without damaging the components on the basis of: inadequate preparation because the tool, when you open some of the steel is a big problem, so completely a destroyed when the dismantling finished, then need a little bit of expertise to help you to identify the communication module, in fact, as long as the receiver module is enough, after removing the stand

Step 4: Make Controller

First remove the programmable preset radio control module, pre-set a good reason for choosing this thing because I do with ordinary spreadsheet-based, electronic form only control on-off buttons, programmable control preset radio module fits the requirements it has three interfaces A, B, C, when A, B closes its certain frequency electromagnetic waves emitted (I set 100MHz), when A, C turned its certain frequency electromagnetic waves emitted (I set 150MHz) in fact, not in the back of the phone to explain the frequency range of the receiver, and then the tables turn on the outside plus two tablets button batteries (not access the watch, otherwise it will burn out), because the radio preset programmable control module requires 9V voltage, and watches only 3V, then B, C and table top left button, top right button to connect, so the watch when you press the top left button, while the upper right button will send a signal. Done! (I do not have a fixed wireless module, because it's not a good signal, I can easily change direction when necessary.)

Step 5: Make Receiver

Here I would like to apologize because I was about to entrance exams, (in about 10 days later), when I learned that from May to preparations for the race only one day a week, if the game is at 6,7 January (summer) I will have enough time to complete the receiver, but I could only transmit a wireless module 150MHz, while the phone receiver module in about 900MHz, which means that the hardware must be modified and re-programming (the former has expert help, which I know a little), but time is too tight this is an impossible task, I had to be replaced with readily available and wireless module supporting the receiver module (because contrary to the old phone the transformation of the mind, but also with a little "green electronics" contrary), I will a little motor and receiver modules, when a signal is received, the motor work will light switches on or off; another connected with air conditioning, remote trigger open air.

Step 6: Finish

then we have used old phones to build the internet of the things, you can discredit this next time in the evening, when the winter do not want to get out of bed easily turn on the lights, air conditioning, even better is that it is more open, free to play, the next step I will appliances to a single button control - such as left "home mode" automatically turn on the lights, air conditioning, TV, right "sleep mode" automatically turn off the lights, TV, air-conditioning and heating timer makes touch more feature-rich. In addition to the controller on the receiver to make a combined Morse code table, one can easily and friends to experience a thrill telegram World War II (certainly not recommended for exam)




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    4 years ago

    sorry,my English is poor,I use google to translate ,so there may be many mistakes

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    I would love to try this. Try rewriting this yourself. It seems that Google translate is bad, but your English is pretty good :) I'd rather read your writing than Google's mess. Keep up the good work!


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Linrunji. I'm sorry to say there are many mistakes, and it's confusing to read. I think that this is a really good idea that could actually win something, but it won't if it's not understandable. So, my advice to you is that you find someone that speaks english and your language to help you translate, and re-enter your instructable in the contest


    4 years ago

    This would definitely win an Engrish competition. :-)

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    I think there are some really good ideas here, and you've obviously taken a lot of time to go into some detail about the project...but I have to agree with MitchieRuiz below - find someone who speaks both your language and english and ask them to translate, then re-post it. I for one would love to read the translated version :) Good stuff.


    4 years ago

    my brain just exploded..........