How to Write E=mc^2 in Html

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copy the whole format in notepad and save it as .html file


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    This is ridiculous, seriously. When will the new people learn that Instructables is about the quality of the project, and not just some photos they took? I am begging you HQ, PLEASE REVIEW YOUR SITES SETUP, IT WAS FAR BETTER A FEW MONTHS AGO, but then you went and got programmers who don't listen to the people who use the site!

    Oh, and robot1398, this isn't good. If you want to get attention in terms of views, start by lurking and reading the generally popular projects and seeing what they did.

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    Okay, this is late cause 1 year before i was only 13 and doesn't have a computer!
    and i have written the right code but it's a html page so the tags are not shown