Hunting Spear With a Fishing Kit




Introduction: Hunting Spear With a Fishing Kit

About: I am an 13 year old Indian boy.i live in a village in west Bengal. i love to make new thing. i have no friend in my village and school.i love hobby is making weapon.i love hunting

its a chip made spear with a fishing kit for hunting and fishing. It is light weight and easy to carry.

Step 1: BLADE

take a knife without Handel and a empty tube plastic tube.attach the blade with the tube like the picture. Applay some water putty or hotglue and cover with duct tape. Let it dry.

Step 2: Spear

it is the main part. Take a steel tube about 3 feet long. Attach the blade at the end of the tube. And seal with it water putty and duct tape. Let it dry overnight.

Step 3: Grip

to make a grip take 5 feet long paracord and make a knot and twist it around the steel tube and stick it with glue or tape.

Step 4: Fishing Kit

take 4 feet fishing cord. A fishing hook and a floater. Attach the fishing hook and the floater. Twist the cord around the floater .and place it in a empty tube of pen and close it. Enter the pen Into the another side of tube and seal it with water putty

Step 5:



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    simple, I can use it to catch fish with a smaller knife

    simple, I can use it to catch fish with a smaller knife

    simple, I can use it to catch fish with a smaller knife

    I was thinking for a better "grab / spear" potential with this spear, since you are using it as a fishing tool as well, why not change the head from a single blade head to a 4 bladed barbed head like a traditional, primitive fishing spearhead? Pictures to follow later!

    This is really cool. But I have a tip, it's worth it to take the time and effort to get great pictures. It increases your chance of winning contests and getting featured (which then leads to more favorites and views and eventually more followers. But this is really cool

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