Huntington GA-16 Sniper

About: Commenter: 100th BEANIEOSTRICH (GOODY OLE PAL) 200th 300th 400th 500th favorite Knexers 1) knex freak 360 2)Beanieostrich 3)knex gun builder 4)war hawk one 5)knex freak 6)thefoofinator 7)slimshaddy 8)

my first sniper ever and id like to give credit to knexgunbuilder,beanieostrich, blue mullet and knexfreak360 for inspring me to build my first sniper now lets get to the pros and cons shall we 

50 -55 feet range
bipod connection
looks pretty good
scope connection
shoots all types of ammo

cons :'(

single shot
bolt action configuration 
could be better 
little flimsy

if i get 5 comments saying post i will




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