Hw to Make a Leather Assassins Creed Inspired Cestus

Introduction: Hw to Make a Leather Assassins Creed Inspired Cestus


thick leather 

leather cord 


lather punch 

in order to make the leather cestus inspired by assassins creed brotherhood i fist drew out the shape of my palm all the way to the fingers and including my thumb on a piece of leather leaving about a quarter inch margin

then i cut that out along with three one inch wide strips as long as the distance from my first finger to my pinke finger when when my fingers are not splayed 

then i punched holes in between my fingers on one of those strips and on either side of my wrist o my palm piece as well as on either side of the thumb part

 also punched holes to connect two other strips together and to the finger piece and the palm piece 

the i threaded leather cord through the holes on my finger piece to make loops for my fingers 

i also made large loops for my wrist and the part where my fingers meet my palm as well as a loop for my thumb

i then ted all four pieces together with leather cord through the holes 

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