Hybrid Stirling Engine

Introduction: Hybrid Stirling Engine

About: Thank you instructables!!

this one of the gratest inventions ever made this is a newest design stirling engine

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Step 1: First Step

cut the can into two pieces

Step 2: Second Step

join the elbow with the can and make sure it lies in the center slightly above

Step 3: Third Step

make the piston from the aluminium foil and make hook and connect copper wire to it

Step 4: Fourth Step

now pirce hole from the can and insert the wire make needed and attatch a ballon on elboew

Step 5: Last!!!!!!!

make everything like shown in picture and go!!!!!!!

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    you said you would do it seven months ago. Can you include pictures of how you set up the diaphragm as well?

    sorry! friends my camera's battery got damaged day before yesterday i would instantly post video after it gets repaired


    5 years ago

    would love to see a video