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Holding a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) while working on an electronic project is a common problem. A PCB holder is not only convinient but also saves time. This instructable introduces a simple PCB holder that can be made from 5 easily available parts and 3 tools in about 15 minutes. Complete project costs less than Rs. 25.

i-Can-Hold can hold small PCBs of various sizes at an different angles. It is small enough to be kept in pocket. Two i-Can-Holds allow holding of larger PCBs. Apart from holding PCBs, i-Can-Hold can be used for holding electronic components, screw gauge for measurements, photograph, small parts for assembly, etc.

Tools and Materials
  • Metal file, 1
  • Hack saw, 1
  • M3 bolt with nut, 1
    • Length of bolt should be more than the width of hinge
    • Major diameter of bolt should be equal to or a little less than hinge axle
  • 3" Al door hinge, 1
  • 15 mm binder clips, 2
  • Fifteen minutes

Step 1: Making I-Can-Hold

Steps required to complete i-Can-Hold
  1. One end of hinge axle is filed.
  2. Axle is now replaced with corresponding nut and bolt.
    • Nut and bolt allow angular adjustments.
  3. 0.3" cuts are made spaced at 0.5" on the hinge as shown in figure.
    • These cuts are provided for accommodating various PCB widths. Binder clip can be inserted in these cuts.
  4. i-Can-Hold is now ready for use.

Step 2: Usage

Please look at the photographs that demonstrate the use of i-Can-Hold. Photographs are self explanatory. Still a little description is provided below for more clarity.

  • Nut and bolt allow angular adjustments.
  • Saw cuts accommodate of various sizes of PCBs.
  • Binder clips are used for holding PCBs and other components.
  • Two i-Can-Holds can be used for holding large PCBs or parts.
  • i-Can-Hold can act as stand for screw gauge. Hence, making both hands free for taking measurements.

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