I-mate Pocket PC From Inside Out




In this article i will describe how to change the the i-mate pocket PC speaker, or any removable item such as the cam module, internal backup battery ... etc.
You should have the proper tools and skills in order to not damage your pocket PC.

Step 1: Removing the Antenna Cover

Remove the back cover to see the antenna module

Step 2: Antenna

Now you see the antenna module, carefully remove it

Step 3: Step3

Remove the back screws,then remove the device back.
( note that the gurantee will be violated )

Step 4: Step4

Now you see the main board
( See notes for more information )

Step 5: Step5

Now the speaker module is removed, it's an example on how to remove any failed component.

Step 6: Step6

A close view of the removed speaker.



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