I Pod Stereo Loud Speaker

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u need
1) thermocol box piece.
2) 2 speakers (china mobile phone ringer that sounds loud).
3) i pod.
4) stereo head phone jack.
5)head phones cable.

first of all take a piece of  thermocol   shaped like a speaker box that shown in the figure (or) as you like.
make three holes in a shape to fit the speakers and i pod.

Step 1:

solder one side of the cable to the left side speaker and other end to the stereo jack,do the same to the right side of speaker.make two holes to the thermocol  to fit the speakers to it

Step 2:

place the jack cap and insert it into the i pod and switch on the i pod and increase the volume.

the sound is awesome i think you will enjoy it .

thank u



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