IFork- the Superior Takeaway Dining Implement





Introduction: IFork- the Superior Takeaway Dining Implement

Sick of cheap plastic or wooden forks from takeaways and chippies? Tired of greasy fingers? Want to stand out in the crowd while you polish off your fish and chips at the bus stop? Look no further, here it is, the high tech  equivalent to the plastic or wooden  fork, the iFork.

Needed: 1 fork (the eating variety, not the garden type), preferably an old family heirloom. If not, a visit to the charity shop should suffice for a handful.

Step 1: The Starting Point

OK, this is what you are looking for (the metal thing, not the hand, although a hand does come in useful later).

Don't let your grandmother see you taking it, although she was probably intending to leave it to you in her will, so you're just doing time travel in a way.

Step 2: Clamp and Cut

Clamp your family heirloom eating implement in a vice and get the hacksaw working. Cut off the handle to a suitable length for convenience and practicality. Discard the half without the prongs. If you find when finished the implement doesn't pick up chips or rice successfully, you have probably discarded the wrong end at this stage.

Step 3: Round Off and Smooth End

Use a file and sandpaper or a grinding wheel to round off the end and smooth off any burrs. You could drill a hole in the end for attachment to a necklace if you like at this stage. I left mine unholey

Step 4: The Finished IFork

Your iFork- The Superior Takeaway Dining Implement- is now finished. To use, rush out to your local chippy or preferred takeaway. When asked if you'd like a fork with your meal, pull out your iFork, with a flourish, and holding it up say "No, thank you, but  I have brought my own iFork, a vastly superior dining implement to your cheap plastic and wooden forks."

They also make ideal wedding and birthday presents, especially when presented as a matching set.



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    78 Discussions

    how about a Swiss knife mechanism with an iFork, iSpoon and iKnife this could make it a life changing and far superior dinning implement :)

    Thanks, Nuelma. I'd almost forgotten this was here. I still use mine regularly, I've got one in each of my rucksacks for those takeaway emergency meals and I've made several for friends.

    I tried it with a fork and a spoon. i,m going to give them to my parents for Christmas.

    1 reply

    I hope they enjoy them! I actually use my ifork as lot, I've put one in each of my rucksacs for when I go out and get an unplanned takeaway, so much better than a rubbish plastic fork.

    Considering perforating the end of handle,dangling on a beadchain,with custom leather sleeve...allowing mid-meal interruptions w/o iFork hitting terra firma...

    1 reply

    ...by hanging from neck in proximity to mouth AND plate.

    Looks fine already - what about cutting one tooth each on the left and the right side and / or shorting them all a bit to get it eaven smaller?

    1 reply

    I prefer my teeth the length they are, cleverly designed to meet when I have my mouth closed.

    damn...why didn't i think of this. And I would cut the four prongs a little shorter and round the edges of the outer prongs, just to make it a little bit safer.

    1 reply

    I prefer to leave my prongs wild, but feel free to tame yours.

    I did try shortening the tines, but I found the penetration power and shovel factor of virgin tines, all the better for decimating my local chippy's chips and mushy peas.

    Gotts to love the matching set (red headed step child on the right) included

    1 reply

    -start comment-
    anyway, my joke is over.
    -end comment-

    1 reply