IMac Shelf From IKEA Shelfs

Introduction: IMac Shelf From IKEA Shelfs

Why pay $30 for s small shelf when I can make one from IKEA draw fronts ?
Besides, it's too small to put my hard drive and iPod.

Step 1:

Materials needed:

1 - Any stock pieces no more that 6" x 18"   IKEA draw front are ideal.
     Lots avail in the as-in bins.

2 - L brackets

3 - Zip saw & belt sander

Step 2:

Measure out notch of 4" x .5.  Cut out with zip or scroll saw.
Another notch if you need to run cables

Step 3:

The iMac stand is ~ 20 degrees angle, and 15" tapered

Use belt sander to bevel all edges, else the shelf will not be level 

Step 4:

Take an L bracket & bend it slightly to match the iMac stand.
Screw on the shelf edge, but not too tightly.

Step 5:

Now put shelf in & swing the bracket to meet the iMac stand.
If all is well, shelf & bracket should be flush.

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    4 years ago

    Nince simple design, will have to use this