IMovie 11 Tip - How to Fix General IMovie Crashes

Introduction: IMovie 11 Tip - How to Fix General IMovie Crashes

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This instructable tutorial explains how to fix iMovie when it can not start. This method also works if iMovie crashes a lot.

Disclaimer: This method only works for general issues, not all issues (like an installation problem)

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    1 year ago

    If iMovie isn't responding and you have a video that wasn't saved at all, would this still work? Or would it delete the movie?

    Thank you for this! Mine was a little different (only had one file) but it worked just the same and got the bugger going again.

    2 replies

    It stalled out again the first time I opened it, I had to force quit. Then I tried it a second time and it opened normally and ran as well as it ever has. It had (of course) forgotten my preferences, but it didn't lose the old video files I'd imported. (It's on a 13" white Macbook on Snow Leopard, for what it's worth.)

    Did it work for yours?

    Oh & my file was different too. It's

    That was the only file.

    It managed to reopened again & shows all the projects & events like normal but then once I start clicking on the project, the spinning pie starts again & imovie stops responding

    *Must resist adding comment...* *Must resist adding comment...* Oh I just can't resist!!! :) An Apple product crashing??? Heaven Forbid!!! I thought Apples were immune to crashing!?!?!?!?! ;)

    (Yes I hate macs!)