IPad Kiosk

Introduction: IPad Kiosk

Have old tablets laying around? Or a tablet without good battery life? Convert it into a multiple-function kiosk pad.

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Step 1: Mounting

Install a low voltage receptacle for remote USB power. Or if you like the setup to be even more buttoned up, use a recessed outlet and install a mains power plug behind the tablet.

Due to the outlet cover being bumped out from the surface of the wall, a piece of veneer was added as a backplate and mounted to the drywall.

The Koala Damage-free Tablet Wall Mount Dock by Dockem clips are held on with 3M Command strips.

Step 2: Recessed Power

To reduce chances of the power adapter being knocked around, a recessed two-gang box was installed. It includes a low voltage divider to keep things as up to code as possible.

An AC-USB adapter that was setup for 90 degrees is ideal in this case, and the whole setup is kept flush to the wall.

Step 3: All Done

Perfectly located at front door. Allows for fast access to weather and family calendar. The weather app access produces superb WAF for this rural farmhouse. So rural there is minimal cellphone coverage providing data to the mobiles.

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