IPad Mini Kindle Fire or Playbook Tablet Stand



Introduction: IPad Mini Kindle Fire or Playbook Tablet Stand

Need a few extra tablet stands around the house? Prop up your iPad, Kindle Fire, Playbook or other tablet on this easy-to-make stand which you can make using parts you may have laying around your house! I've included the instructions below. Your parts may vary, but the idea is simple.... Feel free to adapt and share your own variations!

STEP 1:   Gather the parts. See the photo.

You need:

a) a couple of bolts, preferably longer the better to allow proper support. I believe mine were about 2" long. Also get washers and nuts to match. 

b) Angle brackets - these were scavenged from some IKEA furniture left-over parts.

c) CD jewel case (anyone still use CD's?)

STEP 2:     Prepare the parts

a) Make holes in the CD jewel case, drill it carefully to avoid breaking, roughly the size of your bolts.

b) The secret is to line up the holes so when you place the bolts/brackets it sits at the right angle that you can rest your tablet on it. 

STEP 3:     Assemble

a) Put the bolts through the angle brackets and then through your CD jewel case.

b) On the other side, place a washer and thread your nut until it is tight.

c) Repeat for the other leg.

DONE!    Now make a bunch more and tell all your friends!

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