IPad or Other Ebook Articulated Reading Arm.

After a few years of discomfort reading in bed.. One incident of busting my lip trying to hold the iPad over my head while falling asleep.. I came up with a solution

Step 1: Components

-Desk lamp ~ articulating arm
-basic iPad back cover
-go pro accessories kit (target)

Step 2: Assembly

Disassemble the light housing from the arm.

Pull light cord back thru arm.
In the future I plan to run a charging / USB cord back thru.

The go pro kit was perfect to attach to the iPad cover. I only had to make the mating hole a bit bigger on the arm. I used a dremel but a larger drill bit would've been faster.

The go pro has 2 slots and I only needed one to mount to the arm. The other slot I places 2 small washers.

Step 3:

Installed behind headboard..

Hello hands free reading / netflix watching!



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    4 years ago

    I know! Apparently reading becomes a sport when you're tired and down to one eye..