Free! IPhone 4 Charging Dock/ Case




Introduction: Free! IPhone 4 Charging Dock/ Case

This instructable shows how to turn the iPhone 4 box into a charging dock/ carrying case.

Things you will need:

- Exacto  Knife
- iPhone 4 box
- Sharpie marker

*Note all pictures of this instructable were taken with the iPhone 4

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Step 1: Cutting the Plastic Dock

So inside the iPhone 4 box there is a plastic dock that the iPhone fits perfectly into

Our first step is going to be trimming out a hole for the charger to fit into.

- Use your charger to mark out how wide the hole is going to be.

- Taking the exacto knife trim the plastic all the way down to the base where the back of the phone would rest on. (This plastic cuts very easily with a sharp blade literally feels like butter so be careful not to cut to deep into the base)

-Once you have finished trimming the plastic check and make sure that it is wide enough for the charger.

Step 2: Cutting the Base Box

So in this step we will cut away a hole for the charger to fit through the box.

- Once again the first step will be to mark out the width of the charger. The easiest way to do this is to place the plastic dock, that we just trimmed, back on top of the box and mark the width from that.

- Taking the exacto knife begin to cut down the box. You probably only want to go down a 1/4 an inch. Now while cutting this case, there is a smaller box attached inside, it holds the charger, usb cord, and headphones, this box tends to bend and warp while you are cutting the bigger box so i recommend pinching both boxes together while cutting.

- After you cut the two slits in the case, start to score the bottom of the hole until you finally start to create a grove to slide the whole blade into. Once again its easier if you pinch the two boxes together while cutting to prevent warping.

Step 3: Cutting the Cover Box

In the final step well need to cut the final hole in the Cover box.

The easiest way to mark your hole is to place the base box into the cover box and trace the outline of the hole you will need. As you can see the cover box is a bit larger than the base box so you will need to extend your cut a little bit deeper than the last.

- This box is a bit taller so as you cut it tends to warp and bend as well. So try and hold it with one hand while cutting with the other to keep it rigid.

- Once you have cut your two slits down to the right length start to score the bottom of the hole until it is deep enough to slide the blade into.

- Once the hole is cut out place the base box inside the cover box and you now have you very own charging dock for the iPhone 4

- Is also great for going on vacation to keep your usb cable and usb outlet adapter in one place. Just place them inside throw the cover on and when your ready to charge take everything out and your dock is all right there.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Another great compliment to this solution is the DockBoost Extend iPhone dock extender I found on - the geek that I am I even got a white one with my name on it . It works very well with treddo10's cool creation - kudos!