IPhone 6 Photography




Introduction: IPhone 6 Photography

I have loved the iPhone 6 ever since it came out and i got it. The camera is my favorite feature on it.

Step 1: Close Ups

I love the iphone 6 camera because of how good of close up pictures you can take. The way that i take these amazing close ups is by holding the camera about 4 inches away from the subject and then zooming in about 1/4 of the way.

Step 2: Other Photos

These are other photos of mine that I have taken that look beautiful. The key to taking most of these is to focus on the subject and try to make surrounding objects darker and not obstructing the photo.

Step 3: Slo-mo

This is my absolute favorite part of the iPhone 6. Unfortunately i cannot post videos so instead i will post some frames of one of my videos where i was swinging flaming steel wool around at night.

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    Thanks bro

    Thanks bro

    I love that slo mo

    Some nice pics, i too love the iphone 6 and currently use it more for pictures than my cannon lol

    Very nice. All of your pics. I also have the iPhone 6, but guess I'm just not as gifted in the art of taking pictures. Your flaming steel wool is great!


    Thanks saiyam. Its a shame i cannot post the slo-mo videos i have taken because they are pretty cool.

    Thank you tomatoskins. I actually did not use anything to edit those pictures other than the cropping tool built in the photos app.


    3 years ago

    Really well taken photos!