Stand for Kids to Watch IPhone on Airplane





Introduction: Stand for Kids to Watch IPhone on Airplane

This guide is for building an iPhone stand for parents to use on an airplane to hold the phone on the tray table. It is made from kid k'nex, which some kids have. It secures the phone in a good viewing position on the tray table of the airplane and can even be used on a center console of a rental car by just tying it down using a string or ribbon. When you are not on the plane or if the kids get bored of the iPhone, bring a couple more parts and they can take it apart and build with the k'nex.

Step 1: Collect the Parts

The kid k'nex I used came from the ZOOMIN' BUDDIES set. You can see the instruction book in the picture. This set had all the pieces I used. You can probably find the pieces in other similar sets. The pictures of the pieces are in the next step.

Step 2: Detailed Picture of Parts

The parts consist of 2, 135° blue angle pieces. 2 blue short connectors, 3/4" or so long. 4 yellow joint pieces that can bend. And 2, 2 1/2" yellow pieces.

Step 3: Putting It Together

The yellow long pieces will be placed into the second and fourth slots on the blue pieces. You will have to slide these into place side ways which is not typically how they fit together but they will fit. Then you will put the blue short connectors in between the yellow long pieces. On top of the blue connectors you'll put two of the yellow bendable joint pieces. The last 2 bendable joint pieces will go into the remaining 2 slots of the blue angle pieces. See the picture below.

Step 4: Inserting the IPhone

The last step after getting everything put together is to insert your iPhone or iPod touch. You'll be able to bend the bendable links to hold the phone in position so it won't move around or slide out. Add a splitter and 2 headsets and my boys were fine on a 3 1/2 hour cross country plane ride.



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    20 Discussions

    can you read! it says for adults that have kids who own kid knex!!!!

    Awesome, and extremely easy! I don't have these pieces, but if I ever get an iPhone/ iPod touch, I'll do this.

    And the title: iPhone Airplane Stand For Kids

    I highly doubt that young kids would have iPhones. :P

    +5/5 stars.

    6 replies

    Where can I buy the mini knex sets? I am interested in making a MINI KNEX GUN FROM IT.

    no you arn't. besides being way to small to be operated mini knex break a lot easer. you might put one rubber band on it and have the connector on the end of the firing pin break.

    Yep on one of the latter pages I posted the exact set I used. The kid k'nex are bigger than the ones for kids 5+.

    Your right, forgot to add this is for parents. Parents may have an iPhone and it is a life saver for keeping kids occupied on a plane.

    And 'Kids' have iPhones? Define the age range. And I doubt that anyone who buys kids K'nex will own an iPhone.

    9 replies

    I appreciate the comment, if you were to read the full instructions you'd see this is for parents not for kids, but for the kids to watch the parent's iPhone. Obviously this is confusing so I will change the title. Thanks.

    Yeah, I pay for adult prices at hotels, yet am not allowed to purchase alcohol at the bars in said hotel.

    for better or for worse you are right, and it is unfair (I HATE BC FERRIES!!!)

    Just noticed, You can tell which is which, iTouch or iPhone when they're turned off as the on/off switch is on a different side!