IPhone Charging Wall Stand/Dock




Create a DIY charging wall stand for your iPhone/iPod using the wall charger, the USB cable and a cut bottle of shampoo.

This Instructable was featured as a 5-minute project in Popular Science's DIY section.

You will need:
A shampoo bottle (this one is a Garnier Fructis Hair Conditioner).
iPhone/iPod wall charger.
USB cable.
3M picture hanging strips.

Step 1: Cut the Bottle

 Use the pencil to draw the silhouette of your phone on one side of the bottle and cut it. Leave a part on the bottom (an inch or so).

Step 2: Paste the 3M Strips.

Paste one 3M strip to the back side of the bottle. Paste another on the power outlet wall so the bottom of the bottle is an inch above the outlet.

Step 3: Put the USB Cable Through the Bottle.

 Put the USB cable through the hole of the bottle so the dock connector remains inside. Connect it to the wall charger and connect the charger to the outlet.

Step 4: Connect Your Phone.

 Connect the cable to your phone. You're done, forget about risking your phone on the floor of your bedroom.



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