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Introduction: IPhone Cover

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How to Make paper scrap iPhone cover amazing. You will need
Colour Paper
iPhone case
Optional black marker

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Step 1: Colour Paper

First get 3 different colours of colour paper of you choice then tear them up then get your gluestick and glue the paper all over the iPhone case.

Step 2: Paper Mâché Glue

First put 5 cups of water into the saucepan then boil it while it's boiling get 1/4 flour and put into a bowl then 1cup of water into the bowl then stir until no lumps then add it into the boiling water then mix then take it off the stove cool it down for 3 minutes.

Step 3: Brush It

Get you paper mâché glue and paint it all over the phone case then wait one whole day to dry

Step 4: The Next Day

When it is completely dry it's done but you could a black mark and write you name on the phone case

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