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A cool DIY where you take a laser pointer lens and put it over your phone camera then bomb, micro lens. Here's how to do it!

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Step 1: Find Old Laser Pointer

I had an old one laying around my house, any laser pointer works

Step 2: Unscrew

Take out all the screws so you can see the inside. The lens you need is in the top of the laser pointer

Step 3: Pliers

You will need a pair of pliers to get the lens out

Step 4: The Lens

The lens should pop out, it looks like that^

Step 5: Bobby Pin

For the next step you are going to need any sized bobby pin & some tape

Step 6: Bobby Pin + Lens

Put the lens in the bobby pin like so

Step 7: Onto Phone

Next you just adjust the lens to your phone camera then tape the bobby pin with the lens in it to your phone.

Step 8: Micro Lens

You can use it to look at all sorts of cool things like I tried it out on a coin. I hope you'll try out this DIY it was really fun & easy and a great project to do when you're really bored.

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    4 years ago

    Too bad it's only for iPhone