IPhone + Nano + Bluetooth Headset Docking Station

Introduction: IPhone + Nano + Bluetooth Headset Docking Station

I jumped on the iPhone bandwagon when the 3G came rolling out the door. The only other Apple product I have owned is an iPod Nano which I use for the tunes while I run. Now with two products to charge, two products to sync and two times the hassle, I started looking for ways to "dock" the products. I searched around and saw some dual docking stations, but that would mean spending MORE money.

I started staring at the big box my 3G came in and started thinking....

Step 1: Prepare the Tray

In this step we need to take the removable tray that came inside the box and do some work on it.

We first need to peel back the top black paper which is lightly glued to the material underneath. I just used the razor knife to help get it started.

Next we need to cut off the riser that is furthest away from the square hole already in the tray.

Once this riser is gone, the black paper will fold back down and you can glue it down.

Next you need to cut another square where the iPhone connector will exit. Place your iPhone down on the tray and figure out where you want it. I lined up the bottom of mine to match the existing square.

Step 2: Add Goodies

I removed the inner lining that was inside the bottom of the box to make room for my USB hub to sit sideways so I could use both sides of ports. This also allowed for some extra room for wires. The only problem with this is that the tray didn't fit as nicely. I kept the two sides of the inner lining and cut them the same height as the USB hub to give extra support to the tray when it was in its final resting spot.

This step takes a little time to figure out how to get the wires all in there.

You'll also need one hole in the back so the USB cord can come through.

At this point you can put the tray on. I used some liquid nails to secure it to the box on the bottom edge.

Step 3: Git-R-Done!

The bottom can now sit inside the top as a little cradle which puts it at a nice height for using while it's in its new home.

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