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iPhone Stand usually means: a stand for an iPhone.

Time to make a stand in the form of an iPhone. And by the way, for an HTC Legend Android phone! So it should be called: Android iPhone Stand --are you still with me?

This instructable is meant as a joke to (kindly) mock the iPhone owners. But you could of course make an iPhone iPhone Stand!

Step 1: Choose a Shell

Choosing a proper shell is crucial.

- The borders should cover each of the phone sides (except the front).
- It should not be too transparent, otherwise you'll need more finish work.
- It should include a mockup picture of the screen.

iPhone 4 is thinner than 3, but 3 does not have a flat back, so the stability will not be very good. So I chose iPhone 4.

Step 2: Needed Stuff

- a Dremel jigsaw; or a hand jigsaw; or (even better) a laser cutter!
- drill
- files (flat and half-moon profiles)
- cutter, metal ruler, cutting mat, sand paper
- cutting pliers
- clamps

- acrylic sheet, approx 2mm thick
- wood, approx 5mm thick
- some cardboard
- (masking) tape
- adhesive transparent protective film
- 5-minutes transparent epoxy glue (*)
- optional: paint, color silver (spray)

(*) Cyanolit glue may also work, but may alter the ink of the picture. Testing is recommended.

Step 3: Make a Cardboard Stand

With cardboard, get an 8mm thickness.

Make an opening for your phone. Adjust the opening so that your phone fits well, with a reasonably straight angle so that it will not fall back.

Well, now we have a sort of phone stand. But that's not yet how we want it, so let's go on!

Step 4: Cut Acrylic to Size

Measure the size of the iPhone glass.
Stick masking tape on the acrylic plate (both sides).
Draw the edges on the masking tape.

Mark the lines with the cutter (3 passes) on each side.
Lock the plate into a large vise. Be careful that the vise leaves no marks.
Bend the plate slowly but firmly. It should break along the cutter marks.

Sand the edges.

Mark the rounded corners. Cut them with cutting pliers. Sand round.

Step 5: Cut the Opening Out

Cover the acrylic plate with masking tape.

Using the cardboard stand, align the opening so that it lines up as wanted with the iPhone icons, and mark its size and position on the tape-covered acrylic plate.

Make a hole.

With the jigsaw, cut along the line. File.

Remove the protection film off the acrylic.

Step 6: Protect the Upper Side

Wash the plate carefully, and stick the adhesive film on the upper side, for protection.

Step 7: Glue the Image

Using masking tape, stick the picture on a plastic sheet, so that it won't stick to the table.

Now this is the tricky, non-forgiving step, requiring quick operation:

Mix a good deal of epoxy glue. Better too much than not enough.

Spread the epoxy on lower side of acrylic plate. Align and glue to picture. Eliminate air bubbles (push them to the border).

Clamp together (beware making no marks on the acrylic). Check alignment. Tighten moderately.

Let fully cure.

Cut off excess paper, not too closely.

Eliminate excess paper, using sandpaper. Sand in the direction that presses the picture against the plate, otherwise the picture could separate from the plate.

With files, similarly eliminate excess paper in the opening.

Step 8: Make the Wooden Part

Using the acrylic plate, mark its shape on the wood. With the jigsaw, cut it to size, and cut off the opening, like in step 5.

Align and tighten wood and acrylic together with masking tape. Sand and file the wood.

Optionally, if the shell is transparent, paint the wood sides silver.

Step 9: Assemble Parts

Stick the wood to the lower side of the acrylic plate (i.e. on the back of the photo).

Remove the protective film.

Admire your faux iPhone with a big hole!

Put the shell.

Step 10: Finished Product

Step 11: Use It!

Shamelessly, dock the Android on the iPhone!

Ideas for improvements:
- backlight
- micro-usb connector

Thanks for reading. Now, make and show yours! (Blackberry, anyone?)

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    27 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    would it be cannibalism to use this stand for a iphone?


    6 years ago

    Awesome job. I want to build this now.


    8 years ago on Step 11

    Can i make a suggestion.. put a dock in the middle where the opening is?? then you can have a able coming out the back and connecting to the pc :).

    Great work by the way, looks quite realistic.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very cute! But we all know the iPhone is a much better phone than a Droid. Droid Does....fall short. I did find this funny though. Kudos. I think I'll make an iPhone holder. I'm pretty sure I have a Droid laying around as a paperweight somewhere...now where did I put that?

    8 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    android is way better in my opinion because you can create your own apps and code/other stuff and put it on right away to see how it works. It is a lot harder to do that with the apple os that they use on ipods and iphone.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    If we all knew the iPhone was better, then why would Droid exist? I much prefer the developing for the Android, it's far more flexible and it matches my philosophy of open source. iPhones are nice, and they work for some people, but I do not like the walled garden approach.

    Android has widgets which are very cool... this instructable isnt for a droid... many phones run android like my samsung captivate (which blows the iPhone out of the water by the way)

    Or even an overclocked ( 1497 GHz ) G2 running CM 6.1 But Android Is Android its all progress . And this instructable is beastly. Cheers


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you.

    I have no experience with iPhone, but what I can say is that it is a lot of fun to develop software for Android. If you have Java basics, it takes approx two hours to install Eclipse, the SDK, and write your first Hello World application, using the excellent doc on the web.

    And as a user, if you use the Google cloud, this is the accomplished example of smooth cloud/device integration.

    Now, make an (iPhone) Droid Stand, and show us your version of the smart phone domination. NB: you'll have a harder time than me, because shells (with glossy photo) for Droids are more difficult to find. Happy making!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    So because I'm not a Droid lover like you I must be twelve? Amazing lol. The maturity level of people on these forums is laughable. When someone doesn't agree with you then you call them immature? Wow! Ok. Enjoy your paperweight. Maybe there's an app in the Droid store that teaches you maturity and class.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    have u not read the red box when u write something?.....it says positive and CONSTRUCTIVE.....not usless and meaningless coments....u should check that ;)