IPhone and External Flash Gun.

Introduction: IPhone and External Flash Gun.

iPhone has a weak LED, called build in flash. But I wanted something bigger and more powerful than that with soft box. First thing is needed is a sync. Then I had an idea – sync flashgun with a build in flash of iPhone, as almoust any mode rn flashgun has that option. When I tried it became obvious to me that weak LED of iPhone is incapable to do that. So I decided to try another trick. I attached a photoelement to the iPhone, shifted relay to a sync mode. And it worked!!! But not really as I wanted, because flashgun went of faster than iPhones shutter. I can fix that! Just add some delay to the relay speed.

So how it works? iPhones LED give its light to the photoelement, and it triggers the relay with a slight delay. iPhone has two kinds of flash. First one is needed for autofocus to work and “redeye prevention”. Second one is for actual photo. So we need to drop that first flash off. It is really simple algorithm, realized on arduino structure. It is still far away to commercial prototype, but it has its potential. Chinese still don't do that staff yet.

With a help of that simple iSync you can connect any studio equipment to the iPhone, or any smartphone. That device is just a result of my personal views that are utopia.
Who may need to use an external flash gun with iPhones??? Or studio equipment???

There are also a lot of interesting things everyone can see in this blog site http://ravvinoff.livejournal.com/

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    oh nice! would love to see that diagram. Could make a homemade flash slave with those schematics.