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Introduction: IPhone-iPod Speaker

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This is a fun and easy craft almost anyone can do! It works as a great speaker, I use it all the time.

Step 1: Materials

You need a toilet paper tube, scissors or knife, and push pins.

Step 2:

Measure the size of your iPhone or iPod then cut a slot in the toilet paper tube the size of the butt of the iPhone or iPod.

Step 3:

Next add 4 tacks onto the bottom of the tube to keep it standing up. 2 in the front about an inch away from the mouth. Then 2 in back about an inch away from the mouth.

Step 4:

You're done! Put your iPhone or iPod in the slot and turn on the tunes. I hope you enjoy your new speaker!



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    The simplicity factor is so high and so cool at the same time. Nice work :)

    follow me this is awsome

    This is mine I thought it wood not work well but it works amazing

    13, 5:07 PM.jpg

    Wow thanks errorcode401...

    I'm gonna try to cover it in duct tape to make it colorful .
    I feel like I know you from somewhere!?!?
    -aqua 12

    This is cool!