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Introduction: IPhone Tripod

I have a lot of great photo apps on my iPhone, some can do long exposures or animated gifs, but I have no tripod... So I built one.
This is not very complicaded but I really liked the idea of using the connector to attach the tripod insted of a suction or a protector sleeve.
Submitted by DIN 2012, Université de Montréal, industrial design program, for the Instructables Sponsorship Program

cost : 
tripod found at home : 15$ 
crappy iphone accessory : 2$

Total : 17$

Step 1: Materials

I used a small opex tripod that I found photo store for 15$ (I think) & a dollar store USB connector for iPhone that cost 2$. Choose your connector by the size of plug, the bigger the better. This one is made of Polystyrene so its real easy to work. 

Step 2: Tools

You will need a drill, glue gun & a 13/64'' drill bit.
 ...not sponsored by Mastercraft...

Step 3: Do Not Use Apple Connector

Your going to have to drill into the connector, thats why the large & cheap styrene one is good. The apple connector has a metal plate in it and is no very receptive of being drilled throughout... Did'nt try the older and larger apple connectors.

Step 4: The Adaptor

Cut the cord at the base of the connector.
Drill a hole using the 13/64'' bit. Its important since I used the treaded part of the tripod to tap the hole so it can be screwed on nicely. Indicate the entry side with a marker, the screw only works one way.

Step 5: Minor Adjusments

The connector split open during the process. I just opened it and glued it back together with the glue gun.

Make sure you remove the internal wires in the connector, your iPhone could react badly to shorts on its external connections. (Thanks to pcairic)

Step 6: Assembly

After the glue cool, replace the thumb screw with your new adaptor and place the thumbscrew to secure the assembly

Step 7: Thats It

You now have a portable tripod for your iPhone. 



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    I have heard that holding a iPhone or iPod by the Charging Port could damage the iPhone or iPod.

    Pretty good, you need to tighten the screw a bit more and to compensate the weight of the phone. I will try to post a photo of the landscape position and a link of a 3h time lapse done in landscape.

    The "older and larger" Apple connectors (otherwise the pre iPhone connectors) differ only in that they have clips to prevent accidental unplugging. For how it matters here they'll be the same as the newer ones.

    Impress me by making one that actually charges

    Make sure you remove the internal wires in the connector, your iPhone could react badly to shorts on its external connections.

    1 reply

    Yes, your right I forgot tu mention, my connector was so cheap I did no have a problem.