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Introduction: IPhone/iPod Video Hat

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Ever get tired of holding your iPhone/iPod in your hands to watch a video? Maybe you want to watch your videos while you go for a morning jog? Perhaps you're out hiking with your Hands Free Walking Stick and want to stay further uninhibited as you ignore the peaceful beauty around you to watch the latest Youtube video? 

Well now you can with your very own iPhone/iPod Video Hat.

The iPhone/iPod Video Hat has a full 7.5" of adjustable range allowing you to put your iPhone/iPod at a comfortable viewing distance. Guaranteed to to keep your videos directly in your line of sight so you never miss a second of the action. The iPhone/iPod Video Hat brings you up close to the action, making you feel like you're actually there. 

To make your very own iPhone/iPod Video Hat all you need is a bit of ShapeLock plastic, a spare hat, and a 10" wooden dowel. Create your own custom bracket to fit your device and attach it to the dowel. Then fasten the dowel to your hat and you're ready to walk down the street in style.

Why walk down the street hunched over your device when you can have it right in in front of your face? 

Common side effects include (but are not limited too):
  • sore neck
  • broken nose
  • unexplained tire marks over your body
  • unexpected hospital visits
  • proposed laws to ban texting and video hats while walking, driving, swimming, etc.

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    I think I may need that image for a screensaver! It completely embodies the Chindogu spirit. BRAVO!


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    With such great picture quality i was so engrossed in the movie that i didn't see the wall. LOL