IPod Dash Cam




Introduction: IPod Dash Cam

Use your old iPod or iPhone as a dash cam. All you need is to download the 99 cent Witness app from the App Store. You will also need a iPhone window mount.

Step 1: IPod Dash Cam

I have been looking to purchase a dash cam for a long time. I have used dash cams many years as a police officer. I began my search and ran across people that were using cell phones as dash cams. I decided to try using an old iPod that I had. I deleted most of the apps, pics, and songs from my iPod to make room to record. I downloaded the 99 cent Witness Drive cam App. I purchased a iPhone windshield mount from Wal-Mart and mounted the iPod in it.

I was really suprised at the quality of the recording. I am able to read a vehicle tag from the recording. I tried using both my iPhone and my iPod and both worked well with the Witness drive cam App.

I would suggest that you keep your iPod or iPhone plugged in to the accessory power plug so your device does not loose charge.

If you use the iPod, the gps option will not work unless you have Internet streaming available in your vehicle. I have a router with wifi in my vehicle so I can use the mapping, speed, and gps with my iPod.


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    Question 1 year ago on Step 1

    Hello...I also have an old Ipod touch. Im not into texting or never had internet on this Ipod touch but would like to use it as a dash cam. What is the purpose of a witness app that you mention? This Ipo touch was given to me by my employer as a gift many years ago but never interested in using it other than taking photos or video. Can I not just plug it is my cig lighter and turn on video while I drive? Thanks


    1 year ago

    Nice project! Maybe this is old, the link provided is not working. Do you know if the app is in the apple store? I want to buy a cheap used ipod touch 4th gen and try!