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Rock out this Halloween in this fun iPod dress!

If your looking for a cute and simple Halloween costume this year look no further.  The iPod takes 30 minutes to make and will look adorable at any party.  Best of all: cost of materials is under $20!

Customize it to your favorite artist or song.  You can even wear this dress with a group of friends.  I actually got this idea from some friends in college and thought it was a great idea!!!

Step 1: Materials

  1. Tube Dress - you can buy one or make your own.  Check out these simple instructions on how to make your own tube dress.
  2. Iron on Sheet transfers - 2 sheets, make sure you get transfers that are compatible w/ stretchy fabric!
  3. Printer/Computer
  4. Iron
  5. Steam-A-Seam - this stuff is so easy to use and will finish your hems quickly
  6. White fabric- 8.5" x 11" piece of white fabric if you're dress is not white

Step 2: Print Images

I have made this step super easy for you!! All you need to do is print out these images.  You can change the song that is playing by finding the image for the album cover and placing it over the Beatles image.

IMPORTANT - if you replace the image make sure to flip the image.  In Photoshop this is: EDIT -> TRANSFORM -> FLIP HORIZONTAL

Step 3: Iron on Transfer

iPod Screen

Since printers don't print white the iron on transfers don't transfer the white color from your image.  So if you are printing on colored fabric you will want to iron the iPod screen onto white fabric.  To do this:
  1. Cut out the iPod screen on the printed sheet
  2. Lay the screen on the white stretchy fabric and outline it with a pencil
  3. Cut out the rectangle you just traced.  It should be the same size as the iPod screen
  4. Attach the white rectangle to the dress using Steam-a-Seam.  Make sure its centered and you've left enough room for the iPod wheel.
  5. Place the iPod screen graphic over the white fabric on the dress and iron it on using the directions from the iron on transfer package.
iPod Wheel

Place the iPod wheel under the screen.  Make sure its centered.  Iron the wheel onto the dress using the directions from the iron on transfer package

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    5 years ago

    How do you make the I pod wheel white


    7 years ago on Introduction

    It's nice and the best thing it's that you're using another of your instructables as baseline to do this one.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I just found my next halloween costume, for sure :)
    Thanks for putting this up, I love it!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Love it.... it's a great "costume" for those who aren't quite into Halloween but fear being mocked for not wanting to wear a costume!!!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Does this work for laser printers too or just for ink printers?


    7 years ago on Step 3

    They do make printable heat transfers for dark fabric now. The process is a bit different, but I have used them with GREAT success. These dark t-shirt transfers do not need to be "flipped." Instead you peel them off a backing, position them, and place parchment over them while ironing. Since the transfer itself is white... they allow you to have white in your design, even on a non-white shirt.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, this design is so good you almost don't even have to use it as a Halloween costume as opposed to just very fashionable wear. Like if you're cosplaying at Mac World.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looks good and would be perfect for Halloween. Or any other iOccasion.