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Introduction: IPod Lego Case

About: I am a former English teacher turned Interactive Media Instructor. I like to make, fix, and take apart. Few things are more fun than taking something apart to turn it into something else, or just taking it a...

This the Lego case my daughter made from Legos. She used the single thickness blocks for the front and sides. She used two large flat pieces for the top and bottom. It is twelve blocks high and ten pegs across. Thanks for taking a look.



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    I would take of the middle part so you can view the screen and make a plastic covering for the screen and mend it on somehow

    That sounds like a fun idea! If you did want to make it more practical though. I would say you should add holes on the sides, bottom, and top. So you can plug it in, turn it of and on, and listin to music. great project!


    4 years ago

    Why don't you just get a real case it's cool I'm not frowning it I'm just saying its not really protective

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    It was something to do for fun. Half of the things I make are not really practical. We already have several cases for it already. It is just fun!